January 2019

The year got off to a great start, hanging out in George Town at Tamar Valley Folk Festival ~ really interactive audiences, and the Guitar Workshop (Messin’ with the Modals) went down well. I love the feel of these small community festivals, that are laid back, with top music. “Seagrass”(a Tassie acoustic band) wowed me with their bluegrass/roots as they played for about 3 hours on the front porch of a town hotel…really tight stuff.

Then down to the amazing Mona for an afternoon concert. People continued to lounge around listening for a few hours, regardless of the smoke, heat, wind. I had time to nip into the Nolan Gallery to see the snake-wall, and catch some inspiring impro from Martin Blackwell (on a range of santur instruments, synths), and Tuncay Yildiz riding lightning melodic waves on piano.