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International Blues Challenge in Memphis.

12645223_10153323635581272_8537764444107456636_n[1]In January I was honored to be a representative of the Sydney Blues Society at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis ~ playing two shows for the IBC, an International Showcase, and the National Women in Blues Showcase. The music was great, the vibe was great, and oh yeh, you better believe that Southern hospitality is all its cracked up to be. After Memphis I traveled down to the Delta, and was thrilled to play a couple of blues songs in Red’s Blues Club, Clarksdale.
BealeThanks to Vera van Faassen for the photo
Thanks to Vera van Faassen for the photo, taken in Red’s.

2014 & 2015 Blues tours in Europe

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Goodrich, UK with Tom Richardson

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Apres concert jam in Le Mans, France

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Nicko’s Night in The Hague, Netherlands














  I love playing in Europe, people there really know the old school acoustic blues, but are also open to a wide range of grassroots and folk styles. I played in little bars, blues joints, folk, and jazz clubs – great music, terrific musicians, late nights! Here’s some pics from the UK, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.


Artliners, Berlin

club49, Chris Okunbor (12.9.) © Kai von Kröcher, 2014_6729

With Chris Boom Bang, Club 49, Berlin. Photo by Kai von Krocher

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Livin Blues Radio Show, Rotterdam